A review by Mr. Fanaeian on Tom Ford Men Concealer
Grooming products are functional tools to complete a man's polished and pull together look. It is important that grooming products are quick and intuitive.

I believe every man's face occasionally suffers from blemishes, under-eye circles, razor nicks, and redness. All these things can be easily camouflaged in a natural looking way by using a concealer.

What I really like about Tom Ford concealer is that it blends well and it almost feels you have nothing on your skin which makes it undetectable. It comes in three different colours, make sure you pick the one closest to your skin shade.
Do men need to use a moisturisor?
'Do guys need to use moisturisers?' You can't believe the number of times I've been asked this question! It's insane. The answer is YES! Moisturisers should be an important part of daily grooming for guys. I do understand that many guys do not like to have something heavy on their face! Well there's a solution for it... find yourself a light moisturisers! Remember fine grooming doesn't have to be complicated to be effective! It has to be simple and intuitive! I have tried a number of different moisturisers and I would say the the American Crew all-in-one face balm is one of the best ones I've used! Here's why I like it: - it's light - It's moisturiser, sunscreen, aftershave (you don't have to use a few different products) - It has a nice scent - It keeps your face moisturised throughout the day. Visit to find out more
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